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Oroox AG offers the CAD software WebCAD (Web-based Computer-Aided Design). The company was founded in Liechtenstein in 2014 and has offices in Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Krakow and Brussels. The company is managed by CEO and founder Markus Hannes Winter.

WebCAD – The technology leader in Servitization

WebCAD software is an enterprise product and a leader in technologies related to production and CPQ techniques. Through a worldwide possible configuration, planning or construction of products connected with the production, WebCAD enables completely new business models in the field of industry 4.0. WebCAD combines new business market requirements by individualization of products with the technical perspective. Complex products and productions can be created easily and by people worldwide. WebCAD enables companies to create completely new products and markets. Together with leading production companies, WebCAD pursues the goal of disrupting entire industries.