WebCAD learns from man and machine

WebCAD's Deep Learning System digitizes all information and knowledge of a product as well as decisions made. For this purpose, design and planning as well as production-related decision processes are tracked, recorded and integrated into the processes. Digital data from product information systems up to

Production processes are continuously tapped from the corresponding databases and entered into the digital knowledge in a self-learning manner. The brain of WebCAD makes this knowledge available to customers in the form of graphical algorithms.

Knowledge Sources

Product Knowledge

Specific product knowledge is queried by the responsible employees and flows into the algorithms.

Production Knowledge

Any knowledge about production specifics is usually acquired through interviews with the production management and skilled workers.

Planning Knowledge

With the in-house designers and planners, their thought processes are digitally reproduced.

Knowledge of Variations

Product variants and variations are brought into a logical digital form by experienced sales personnel.

Production Data

Production data, for example from the ERP, is transferred to the system via an interface.

Product Information

Product data can be fully automatically integrated from existing ERP or PIM systems.

Machine Data

Machine data and machine parameters with their properties are recorded for calculation purposes.

Stock Data

Data from stored materials and raw materials is transferred via a link to the warehouse management system.

Material Data

Properties of materials can be included from the special database or collected by employees.

Order Utilization

The order backlog is continuously collected from production controlling in order to calculate delivery times.