This FAQ provides answers to the most important questions that arise before using WebCAD. Comments and additions are welcome.

What does CPQ mean?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) Software helps companies to make the offer and the associated process - starting with the moment the customer notifies the company of his product requirements and ending with the detailed offer to the customer.

How products are incorporated?

Basically, there are two ways to incorporate products. Products can be self-maintained and defined using the additional product administration module. For simpler applications with only one or a few products, the products can also be applied by our company. The decision to buy the administration module is left to the discretion of the project.

How are the rules created for the product?

In order to assign rules for the product in terms of feasibility in production, the rule editor is used. In this editor, you define exact properties based on your production knowledge. For example, if you are working on a product label, then the font sizes, line widths, margins, and possible colors are configured. The WebCAD rule editor is a powerful tool and one of the main WebCAD features.

Can I integrate existing databases?

Yes. WebCAD offers the possibility to introduce the existing configuration databases or product databases to the system. This is usually done via individualized interfaces.

On which database does WebCAD run?

WebCAD is based on a SQL standard. This can completely be matched to the customer’s request. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL, MySQL and much more are available to operate WebCAD.

On which operating system does WebCAD run?

The kernel of WebCAD is adapted to Microsoft.NET technology. Therefore, at least 2008R2 Microsoft servers are to be used.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for the server?

The minimum requirement for the server is 8 GB of memory and two cores. The storage requirement for the basic system is around 200 MB. For the archiving of the designs and graphics the necessary capacities are to be provided in the individual case.

Which design is available?

The design of WebCAD is completely customizable. In most cases, the design is adapted to corporate identity of the customer or to its existing web solution. Design adjustments are to be made by our developers. The design always depends on the functionality of the corresponding solution. It can be offered as a very simple tool just with four functions or as a complex design tool.

How do I manage my projects?

Depending on the solution, WebCAD also offers the possibility of creating a customer profile and the management of his designs. These administrative and technical requirements are developed individually according to customer needs.

How is the implementation done in an existing shop?

For the connection to a shop, there are available standardized interfaces. WebCAD is called from the shop. The shop transfers the customer parameters, the authentication and further data to the WebCAD application. After individualization of the product, the new parameters are returned to the shopping cart.

How is data transferred to machines?

In some cases it is desirable to connect WebCAD directly to machines. WebCAD enables the generation of machine-specific data which can be immediately transferred to production. These solutions are always completely customizable. However, there are already existing interfaces and data exports compatible with a variety of devices. These may be producing machines such as milling machines, laser cutters, but also printers, 3-D printers and other output devices. In optimum case, WebCAD sends the ordered design to the ERP system and generates the data for the production machine.

How are the designs saved?

The designs can be saved in two-dimensional formats such as jpg, bmp, png, dxf, and more, or in three-dimensional formats such as step, 3dmax, and more. The palette of these formats is constantly being expanded. In addition, formats can also be implemented on customer request.

Where are the designs saved?

The designs are automatically saved to a predefined location on the server. The format is defined by the customer.

Can I collaborate on designs?

An option from WebCAD allows you to collaborate on a design. This can be not only a team effort, but also a live assistance to customers under design process.

How many employees can work on the system at the same time?

WebCAD does not limit the number of employees, customers or other users working simultaneously. This is a pure question of server hardware resources.

How long does a complete implementation take?

An exact time of implementation of WebCAD cannot be defined. It depends on the scope of the project and adjustments, however, one can assume a minimum of three months to three years. For standard solutions, it is enough to install WebCAD on one server. The duration is limited to around 48 hours including testing.

How to import drawings and graphics?

WebCAD allows you to import drawings and graphics in various formats. The range of these formats is constantly being expanded. Please contact us to check the desired import option.

Which tools are available for the user?

WebCAD offers a wide range of tools that are available to the customer. Those tools are used based on the solution and the user-friendliness, and even customized tools are made for the individual solution. In most cases, user-friendliness is required, which allows the unexperienced customer to use WebCAD. The use of the tools requires a detailed analysis in advance, which focuses on the purpose of use.

How fast does the system run?

The unique background technology of WebCAD makes the difference to a desktop application barely noticeable. Even three-dimensional solutions run smoothly and flawlessly on the browser. Owing to years of optimization of the system, the website has an excellent web-optimized performance today.

Is WebCAD an industry 4.0 application?

Yes of course. Often you hear the statement that WebCAD is the missing link to complete digitization. Today, digitization and full automation is very often and massively used in production. The individualization of a product is increasing and was previously mostly not feasible in operation. WebCAD now enables a new dimension in which this automation takes place towards the customer. The customers define, calculate, design and individualize their products themselves. In the largest possible stage of development, the customer works directly on the machine without any product or production knowledge. In this sense, we can call this process industry 4.2.

How fast does the internet connection have to be?

In today’s world of cheap and ever-faster Internet connections, almost anyone can work online with WebCAD. WebCAD can be used well and smoothly from a bandwidth of 200 kb.

On which browser WebCAD may be used?

  • Firefox 50.x or higher
  • Chrome 48.x or higher
  • MSIE 11.x or higher
  • Microsoft Edge or higher
  • Safari 9.x or higher¨

Which browser plug-in does WebCAD require?

WebCAD works independently without a built-in browser. Basic requirements are only according to current browser versions. The user simply visits the website and starts.

What licenses do I need to work with WebCAD?

WebCAD is licensed at the enterprise level. The licensing of a user is not provided. This means that WebCAD is not limited in the number of users when used by a company. This eliminates completely expensive licensing.

What is the minimum hardware requirement for the customer?

WebCAD is a browser solution and works without any plug-ins. The computing power needed for the calculation processes and the feasibility in the product design takes place on the server. Thus, the hardware of the user is very flexible. Basically, the visitor’s system determines the quality of work. However, we recommend a minimum resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. A memory of 4 GB is sufficient as well. The smallest value for the disk capacity is not determined.

Can designs be exported?

If desired, an export function for the user can be switched on. This is at the discretion of the company. Here, the users export their design in a shared format by downloading it from the website.

What are the running costs?

There are no running costs when using all administrative tools. If products or the solution are to be maintained by us, then costs are incurred with each change of the products.

Can I integrate WebCAD into my ERP system?

Yes. WebCAD offers the possibility to connect to the ERP system with existing interfaces or with newly developed interfaces. This can be a complete entry of the order, a transfer of the planning or just a material BOM. WebCAD is not limited here. All generated data can also be transferred accordingly.

How do I administer WebCAD?

WebCAD offers fully comprehensive tools for independent administration of the system. These tools are adapted to the respective solution. Essentially these tools are: User Administration, Project Administration, Rule Editor, Product Management, Color Management, Material Management, Product Properties Management and Page Configurator.

How do I analyze my clients and projects?

The back-end of WebCAD offers a comprehensive administration of the customers and their projects. All designs and activities are stored in a history, thus allowing extensive influence and analysis of the customer or user.

Which industries may be interested in WebCAD?

WebCAD is a completely customizable product. You can find individual industry solutions from our case studies on the website. Every week new ideas and projects for implementation of WebCAD are discussed. As the opportunities are so diverse, the industries cannot be limited. There are applications for almost all businesses.

Is WebCAD good for my industry?

Talk to us or write us. We have extensive experience and a large pool of ideas for implementation of WebCAD. Define your idea and talk to us about it. WebCAD offers endless possibilities.

Is WebCAD suitable for technical production?

WebCAD is ideal for technical production. So far, solutions have been developed for sheet metal processing, the installation business, glass facade manufacturers, perforated plate manufacturers and metalworking industry.

Can I use WebCAD to customize a product?

Of course, WebCAD enables the individualization of products. The spectrum goes from shoes to chocolate, from people to cars. Interestingly, the restriction in the WebCAD for the users is possible so that they can make their products without an appropriate knowledge.

Can I plan with WebCAD?

The use of WebCAD for planning options is extensive. This can comprise simple wardrobe designs as well as designs of property, furnishings, road networks and more. Basically, WebCAD is the framework for all imaginable planning.