Design to Order

Design to Order is a manufacturing approach in which the individual parts are designed and assembled specifically for each customer order. Even if the end product contains standard parts, a separate production process with a specific parts list is required for the product. This approach is typical in the construction industry, the construction of large-scale plants and the classic production of individual parts.

Business process

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Design your product

The end customer can plan the design of his product directly in a browser, whereby different possibilities are presented to the user.

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Check feasibility


With the help of an integrated rule engine, an immediate feasibility check is carried out. If there is a conflict, a warning message is displayed. Suggestions for improvement and alternatives can be proposed.

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Calculate conditions


A very precise price calculation is made depending on all relevant factors such as material costs, availability, adaptation requests and many others.

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Order product


The Guided Selling process effectively supports the ordering of products.

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Manufacturing the product


Production can be started directly via interfaces to various databases by automatically generating the machine code.

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Deliver product

After production, the product is packed and shipped to the customer.