Make online shopping tasty

In the food industry, many digital processes can be optimized through ERP implementation and mostly also automated with intelligent workflow support. Often user-friendly tools as well as marketing and sales tools are still missing, wich make it attractive for the customer to buy online from a company . 

Your Advantages

Set innovation

Innovation means advantage. The solution offers an increase in the degree of innovation by providing more complex products at the same time.

Increase revenues

Marketing and sales support. This helps companies to create offers faster and more accurately and make the most complicated calculations available.

Provide service

The service orientation of our technology is changing business models into a customer-oriented form of value creation. 

Business process

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Design your product

The end customer can individualize the design of his chocolate directly in the browser. Different possibilities are presented to the user.

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Check feasibility


With the help of an integrated rule engine, an immediate feasibility check is carried out. If there is a conflict, a warning message is displayed. Proposals for improvement and alternatives can be suggested.

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Check material availability


Warehouse stock level can be called up via connection to the ERP system.

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Check machine availability


The connection of production planning with WebCAD makes it possible to check the availability of the machinery. This creates the basis for optimizing production control.

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Calculate conditions


A very precise price calculation is carried out depending on all relevant factors such as material costs, machine use, additional work and many more.

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Order product

With the help of the Guided Selling process, the ordering of the product is effectively supported.

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Generate machine control code

WebCAD is able to send all production-relevant data directly to the machine to be produced directly after the customer has placed an order.

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Optimize order pool

Orders with identical production specifications can be combined (pooling). This leads to a drastic increase in production efficiency.

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Start production

Production can be started directly via interfaces to various databases by automatic generation of the machine code. 

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Deliver product

After production, the product is packed and shipped to the customer. 

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