Optimize processes with WebCAD

Automated sales processes

of individual products and services without personnel

WebCAD enables the sale of highly individual or consulting and planning intensive products and services without skilled personnel. This makes a reduction of sales personnel possible while at the same time providing a globally scalable sales service.

Automated calculation process

reduces physical consultants

With WebCAD, individual offers are calculated and created fully automatically and around the clock. Not only the price is checked, but also the feasibility, the manufacturability and the availability. Only in absolute special cases consultants, specialists or calculators are necessary.

Automated production initiation

replaces order management

WebCAD can take over the control of the production partially or completely. Here WebCAD works with artificial intelligence in the allocation of orders. The orders are optimized across all orders and, depending on their urgency, bundled and forwarded to production after the optimization analysis. For example, orders with the same material on the same machine with the same tool are instructed in one step.

Automated machine programming

replaces the parameter control programmer

WebCAD enables the generation of machine control codes (example G-Code). Depending on the product and production, this can range up to complete control of the machines. This represents the last stage of expansion to the Smart-Factory with WebCAD and can mean that no manual steps are necessary up to the delivery of goods, as long as the machines meet the industry 4.0 standard.

Automated administration

and reduction of the back office

WebCAD in combination with e-commerce, ERP and production management systems can take over most of the administrative work. Previous employees only have to perform control functions and can therefore be deployed more flexibly or across departments.