Reduce costs with WebCAD

Lower personnel costs

in sales, marketing and production

By implementing a Smart-Factory with WebCAD, employees can be reduced, because almost any process up to the start of production can be automated. Experience has shown, that WebCAD can achieve significant increases in turnover without the need for additional personnel in sales, administration or production.

Offer and order process

are optimized and simplified

Offers are created automatically around the clock. Calculators and sales consultants become obsolete and are only necessary for absolute special requests. This allows entire departments of companies to be rationalized.

Reduce production costs

through cross-order pooling

WebCAD can significantly optimize production by intervening in the entire business cycle. For example, by pooling orders with reference to material and the production process. WebCAD makes it possible, among other things, to control production capacity utilization through appropriate pricing. Machine codes for different production machines can also be generated, making machine programming obsolete.

Reduction of misordering

Incorrect orders are reduced to a minimum

Incorrect orders due to human input errors are reduced to a minimum by real-time validation.