Calculation with WebCAD

WebCAD offers different expansion stages for calculation. This starts with the price calculation of individual components and ends with the complete calculation of production processes, production machine times, set-up times, etc. This exact calculation of the manufacturing costs enables an enormous calculation reliability.


Possible business process

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Permanent transfer from design process

Permanent communication between the designer and various databases including an output to the user to allow a real-time calculation made by the system.

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Permanent check of stock level


The warehouse stock level is continuously queried in the background with the help of an interface.

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Permanent check of production


With the help of an interface, the availability and utilization of the production machines is continuously called up in the background.

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Permanent check of material price


The existing interface to the database continuously queries the material price in the background.

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Calculation of production price

On the basis of the calculated volumes and production processes, the exact production price is calculated according to quantity and urgency.

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Calculation customer price

Based on the production price, the customer price scale is calculated according to the required parameters.

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Make offer

The customer receives the offer based on the decision parameters price, delivery time and delivery costs.

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Place order

The product is ready to order and can be ordered by the customer. The order is transferred to the ERP and e-commerce platform.