Design proposals with WebCAD

WebCAD offers the possibility to offer product solution proposals based on requirements. The range extends from building construction to all detail trades and products. The static or energy-related calculation of solutions plays an increasingly important role.


Possible business process

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Define room

To be able to define the room, the user must define several parameters, such as the size of the room, number of windows, doors, ...

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Survey of requirements


Selection of the required workstations, illumination, conference facilities by the customer.

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Determine theme world


Select a specific theme world,
e.g. finance, start-up, customer consulting.

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Calculation of plan versions


Automatische Errechnung von drei optimalen Gestaltungsvarianten.

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Visualization of the variants in 3D


The customer receives three visualized interior design variants and can move in them three-dimensionally.

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Creation of parts list

List of all used furnishings per variant including price information.

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Order of the selected variant with transfer to the e-commerce platform.