Validate with WebCAD

WebCAD offers different levels of expansion for validation. The primary usage is the rule-based feasibility check, in which the WebCAD Rule Engine is used. Checking the feasibility on the basis of the machinery and the production possibilities is a method that reaches deep into the performance potential of a company.

Possible business process

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Permanent transfer from design process

The data is transferred from the planning, design and configuration process continuously.

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Check of draft and design rules


A continuous check of the rule combinations defined in the rule engine for the design takes place.

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Consideration of business and production rules


The design is continuously checked for business rules. Such as maximum possible delivery volume, material restrictions, etc.

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Permanent result of feasibility


The previous tests permanently deliver a full result of feasibility in production.

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Return to the designer


The validation is returned to the requesting module in the form of warnings, tips and errors.